Services OnDemand

Sometimes, you don’t need a full class. Sometimes, you can’t wait for a scheduled class. Sometimes, you just need to talk to a software expert to figure out what you need to do to make it work.

Mid-West CAD is proud to offer our clients Services OnDemand.

What is Services OnDemand?

Services OnDemand is a way we can give you customized support and training as you need it by purchasing hours of service time. We “bank” Service OnDemand hours and when you need specific help, we deduct time in 15 minute increments as needed to cover the services provided. This flexibility enables our clients to actually use the service when they need it, and not worry about asking a question when they need an answer.

Most of the time, clients are interested in a specific topic that they either need to learn right away or that we don’t currently have listed on our training schedule. We’re happy to accommodate almost any request, but typically this service is used for:

  • On Topic Training
  • Update Training
  • How-To Questions
  • Technology Reviews & Health checks
  • New Hire Documentation

With Services OnDemand, our certified software experts can help you with a variety of topics related
to your Autodesk software. This help comes in many forms including:

  • Phone & Email
  • Web Connect via GoToMeeting
  • Onsite or at Mid-West CAD Offices


Save Up to 40% with HelpDesk Ultra and Services OnDemand

When you buy HelpDesk Ultra support, you will also receive 3 hours of Services OnDemand.

A perfect match for technical support - you can also purchase more Services OnDemand hours at a discounted rate.