Activating a Perpetual License

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Activating a Perpetual License

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Once you’ve installed your Autodesk software, you’ll need to activate the license. Autodesk currently has three license types available, they are:

In this post, we’ll discuss the Perpetual Activation process.

When you launch your product, for the first time, you’ll notice the initial activation dialog box, in this example, we’re using AutoCAD.


If your license is a Perpetual license, you’ll use the Enter a Serial Number option.


Click I Agree on the Autodesk Privacy Statement screen.


Click Activate on the Product License Activation screen.


Enter the serial number and product key for your license and click Next.

In some cases, the serial number you entered may not already be linked to an Autodesk Account.


If you don’t already have an Autodesk Account, you can Click the Create User ID Now link and follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account.

If you do already have an Autodesk Account, you will enter the User ID and Password, and log-in.


You should briefly see the Activating your product license… screen while your product connects to the Autodesk Activation Servers to verify the license.


Finally, if the license information checks out with the Autodesk Activation Servers, you’ll come to the Activation Complete screen. Once you click Finish here, you’ll be free to use your product.