Creating a Deployment

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Creating a Deployment

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Once you’ve downloaded and extracted your installation files, the Setup wizard will appear. If for any reason it doesn’t, or if you’ve had to close it and come back to the installation at a later date, the Setup.exe file is located in the root of the extracted files for the software you’re trying to install. For insance, if you’re installing AutoCAD and have downloaded and extracted the files, you should have a folder structure similar to this one, with the Setup.exe file in the root of the AutoCAD directory.


Once Setup.exe has been run, either automatically after the extraction, or manually, you’ll be faced with the initial setup screen.


You can either install the software on the current machine, or choose to create a deployment. This post will walk through the Create Deployment option. This post will walk through the Install option.

Choose the Create Deployment button on the left.


Enter a name for the deployment configuration, and a path where you’d like to store the deployment files. You will want any deployments available on shared resources so that they can be installed on multiple computers without having to move the deployment files.

Once you’ve chosen a location for the deployment, pick inside of the Network Log File text box at the bottom, it will automatically fill in the deployment location. Once you’ve done this, pick Next.


Accept the License and Services Agreement and pick Next.


Next, you’ll have three options for end-user activation. You can choose to have the user log-in with their Autodesk ID for Named User Access. For which no other options are available in the deployment, as each user account will be different and you can click Next to move on.


Option 2 allows you to enter a Serial Number and Product Key for Perpetual stand-alone Licenses. In this case, after the deployment is run on the local machine, the license will activate using Autodesk License Servers.


Option 3 is to use a local Network license. Here, you’ll enter the serial number and product key as well as the name of the license server to be used to access licenses.


After choosing the license activation type, you’ll have the option to choose the software to install using the checkboxes on the left of each entry. You can also pick the arrow to the left of each entry to customize the installation. Pick Create to create the deployment.

A link will be created in the root of the directory you chose to store the deployment in. From the local client machine, double-click that link to install.