Downloads, Installs, and Licenses

Let Us Take Care of It With Installation Services

Take the worry out of downloading, installing, and updating your Autodesk software across your team.

With Installation Services, Mid-West CAD’s Technical Expert Team will gather the required software, serial numbers, product keys, and all other information – including network license files. They will execute deployments and/or installation packages via the method you choose – either Virtual Installation or On-Site Installation.



DIY: Learn to Administer Your Autodesk Software

View one or all of these short webinars now:

Autodesk Downloads

Covers downloading Autodesk software via Autodesk Account, Autodesk Virtual Assistant (AVA), or Trial Download Method


Autodesk Installs

Covers installation of Autodesk software via the Autodesk Desktop App, Single Computer, and Multiple Computers (Deployment).


Autodesk Licenses

Covers Autodesk licenses: Maintenance Contracts, Subscriptions, Single User, and Multi-User.


Filtering Users

Using Autodesk Account
Covers the filter feature within Autodesk Account.


*Free for Mid-West CAD Subscription Customers