Help Improve Revit with the Revit Ideas Board

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Help Improve Revit with the Revit Ideas Board

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With the 2018 and 2019 releases of Revit, Autodesk has finally begun adding features that users have long requested. They have also added major improvements that help users overall, even though they weren’t a request. While it seems this is a hit and miss scenario, there really are two approaches.

Autodesk’s current approach is to include features and enhancements that they find useful. They have also opened up the API for editing using Dynamo. There are also a good number of add-ins, free and paid, to handle some very common features that Revit still does not include.

There is, however, a way for users to band together to have their suggestions heard which is the Revit Ideas Board. This is a central place for users to submit ideas and get other users to vote on ideas for approval. Just under the most voted section are two ideas that were actually implemented in 2019:

With a six month window to gather enough support, a lot of ideas die quickly. Here are some tips to get the most traction:

  1. Post one idea at a time rather than multiple ideas. This ensures that a specific idea gets voted and approved rather than 5 ideas getting passed over.
  2. Be specific. Don’t just say “make this like AutoCAD” when some users may not be aware of that AutoCAD feature. Provide detailed info, screenshots, and backup documentation, anything to get the idea across the first time
  3. Share with other users, user groups etc. and put a reminder to visit the site at least weekly to look at new ideas. The more users actively reviewing and voting the better chance your ideas will be heard