How to Obtain an Autodesk Network License File

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How to Obtain an Autodesk Network License File

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If you own a network license, at some point, you’ll need a network license file.

In some cases, Autodesk will send this file without you even needing to ask, in others, you’ll need to request it.

There are three pieces of information you’ll need:

  1. Serial number of the product(s) you want to license
  2. License Server Name
  3. License Server MAC Address

So, how do you obtain this license file?

Log into your Autodesk Account.


In the Management tab, find a network licenced product and pick More Actions. In the drop-down, choose Generate Network License File.


On the next page, you’re asked to select the type of license server model you own. For most, this will be a Single Server, but always double-check if you’re not sure.


Next, you’re asked for the Server Name and ID (MAC Address). If you’re unsure, here is how to find the MAC Address:

Finding Your License Server’s MAC Address

You can use either the machine name or the IP Address as the Server Name.

Once you’ve entered in the information, you can pick the [+] Select and add products to this server button, which will bring up a list of network licensed products. You’ll check the products from this list to add to your license file.


Pick Add selected when finished choosing products.


Once you’ve added the server information and products, you can pick Get license file to generate the license file.


In the pop-up showing the license file, you can have the license file emailed to yourself and others, also, you can save a license file directly from there – or, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into an existing license file.

That’s it! You’ve gotten your Autodesk License File!