Installation on a Single Computer

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Installation on a Single Computer

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Once you’ve downloaded and extracted your installation files, the Setup wizard will appear. If for any reason it doesn’t, or if you’ve had to close it and come back to the installation at a later date, the Setup.exe file is located in the root of the extracted files for the software you’re trying to install. For insance, if you’re installing AutoCAD and have downloaded and extracted the files, you should have a folder structure similar to this one, with the Setup.exe file in the root of the AutoCAD directory.


Once Setup.exe has been run, either automatically after the extraction, or manually, you’ll be faced with the initial setup screen.


You can either install the software on the current machine, or choose to create a deployment. This post will walk through the Install option. This post will walk through the Create Deployment option.

Choose the Install button on the right.


Accept the Licenses and Service Agreement and pick Next.


You can now choose the products to install with the checkbox on the left of each entry. If you click the arrow on the left of each entry, the configuration screen will open and you can make changes to the installation. To install the default options, pick Install.

You may notice that you didn’t enter any serial number or product key information. This will come up upon first run of AutoCAD, or, whichever program you’re installing.


When the installation has finished, you’ll see the screen above. At this point, all of the software you chose has been installed. Click Finish.


You may be asked to restart your system. Please do so before launching your software, as to not cause any issues with activation. If you aren’t prompted to restart, that’s okay. You can launch the software without restarting your system.


The option you choose here will depend upon the license type you own, of which, there are three. Choose the link that is appropriate for your license type to view instructions regarding activation of your license.