Installing and Configuring the Autodesk Network License Manager (FlexLM)

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Installing and Configuring the Autodesk Network License Manager (FlexLM)

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Prior to installing the latest version of LMtools, you’ll want to remove any previous versions you have installed. Follow the instructions here to do so:

Removing Older Version of Autodesk Network License Manager (LMTools)

Once you’ve removed any older versions of LMtools, you can obtain the Autodesk Network License Manager from the installation media. You can also download it.

If you’ve downloaded your product, you can find the Network License Manager in the extracted installation files.

In this example, I’ll use Civil 3D 2017 installation files.

Here’s the path:


Whatever your installation is, you’ll follow the “x64\en-us\Tools\NLM” path for a 64bit installation or “x32\en-us\Tools\NLM” for a 32bit installation.

You’ll find NLM.msi there, run this to install the Network License Manager.

If you need to download the Network License Manger, follow this link:


You can choose your version based on your system architecture, either 32 or 64 bit. From these links, you’ll download the installer.

In either case, run the installer.


By default, C:\Autodesk\Network License Manger is the default location for the Network License Manager Installation starting with the 2017 release. Prior, C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager was the default Location. If you have had an earlier version of LMTools installed, you’ll have this directory, and should remove it.



Follow the prompts to install the Network License Manager. On the final page, pick Close.

Once installed, you should find the LMTOOLS Utility icon on the desktop.


It will open to Service/License File tab, check the LMTools ignores license file path enviornment variables checkbox.


Next, click the Config Services tab.


Here, you’ll specify the path to the lmgrd.exe file by picking Browse and navigating the install directory and picking the lmgrd.exe file. Again, the default installation directory is C:\Autodesk\Network License Manager\

Next, you’ll want to open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation directory. Here, you’ll want to add a folder called License. This is the location where you’ll place a copy of the license file. For instructions to obtain a license file, go here:

How to Obtain an Autodesk Network License File

Also, in the installation directory, you’ll want to create a log file.

Open Notepad. Pick File > Save As…

In the Save As dialog box, change the “Save as type:” to All Files (*.*) and name the file debug.log.


You can now close Windows Explorer. Back in LMTools, you’ll choose the Browse button next to Path to the license file.


Navigate to the License folder where you copied the license file and choose the license file.

Next, pick Browse next to Path to the debug log file and choose the log file you created.


Check the “Use Services” and “Start Server at Power Up” check boxes. Then, pick Save Service.

Pick Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

**NOTE** If you receive a message about DACL Settings, pick OK. Click the Save Service button again and you should not get the DACL Settings dialog box a second time.

Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and pick Start Server. You should get the message “Server Start Successful” at the bottom.


Next, go into the Server Status tab and pick Perform Status Enquiry.


You should see that the license server is up, and you should also see the licenses being served.

If that’s the case, you’ve successfully installed and configured the Autodesk Network License Manager.