Downloading from Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA)

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Downloading from Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA)

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Click Here to launch Autodesk AVA Downloads

Use the menu on the right to select the product and version you’d like to download and pick Next.

Keep in mind, only the current release, which at the time this blog was published, is 2018, and 3 releases back are available.

If you choose a Collection as the product, a third drop-down will appear with a list of products included in the Collection you chose. You will download each product separately, so you’ll need to choose the product from the middle drop-down.

Next, you’ll choose the Operating System and language and click Next.

You can now choose the download method.

The Download Now option will first download the Autodesk Download Assistant to download the entire installation package un-compressed.

The Browser Download method will download the compressed file or set of files that will need to be extracted once downloaded.

** Please Note that Mid-West CAD recommends Browser Download.

You may be trying to download a larger program – like a Suite. In that case, you’ll have multiple downloads to complete the Browser Download method.


Here, you see the actual downloads. Building Design Suite Ultimate 2018 contains 6 parts. You’ll want to download ALL parts before moving forward.

Clicking the links Part 1, Part 2, and so on will launch the download. You’re not asked where to download the files, so your browser’s default download location is where they’ll go. DON’T MOVE THEM.

Once downloaded, you’ll see the files listed similar to this:


What’s important is what is shown at the end. The 001_007 and so on indicates the download number_total number.

You always want to double-click the 001 file. That will launch the Autodesk Extraction Tool, which extracts EVERYTHING you’ll need.


The extraction tool will default to the C:\Autodesk directory. You can pick Change to switch directories, or pick OK to accept.

Once complete, all files that you’ve downloaded will be extracted and the Autodesk Installation Wizard will be launched automatically. If you look inside the directory you chose to extract the files to, you’ll see a folder, in the case of Building Design Suite Ultimate 2016 that says BDSU_2016_English_Win_32_64bit_dlm. In that folder, are your setup files.


At any time, you can come back to this location and double-click the Setup.exe file to launch the Autodesk Installation Wizard.

Now that the download and extraction steps are complete, you can visit our Installation page for instructions on getting your products installed and activated.

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