Downloading Autodesk Software

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Downloading Autodesk Software

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Sign Into Autodesk Account

If you haven’t yet set up an Autodesk Account, visit this link:

Setting Up an Autodesk Account

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll want to go to the Management page, and the Products and Services tab on the left side, choose the All Products & Services sub-menu.

*NOTE* If you own an Autodesk Collection, you may see the Collection that own listed on the left pane of the Management tab inside of the Products and Services tab. You can select that instead of All Products and Services to gain access to only a list of products available in that collection.

*NOTE* Autodesk Suites and Autodesk Collections will download differently. If you own a Suite, you can use the All Products and Services sub-tab to locate the Suite. When you download a Suite, you are downloading every product in that Suite. For Collections, you can use the Collection sub-tab, and you will download the products individually.

(The screenshot below does not show the Collection sub-tab, however it would appear under the Products and Services sub-tab.)


Use the scrollbar on the right of the screen to scroll through the list of available products until you find the product you’d like to install. Again, Suites will be listed in the All Products and Services sub-tab, whereas Collections will have their own sub-tab.


When you find the product you want to download, you’ll notice it’s banner has a few options. On the left, you can click the arrowhead to expand the banner.


Click the Downloads link either in the un-expanded banner, or under the 2017 section (or whichever version you’d like to download) in the expanded banner.


This is where you may have to make some changes in order to obtain the download type you want. You DO NOT want to use Download Now.

Under the Download Now button, you’ll see More Options. Clicking that link will open a menu of options.


You’ll want to use the Browser Download method. While it clearly tells you that it’s the slowest method, it’s not. Using Download Now will almost assuredly cause problems with the install. Using the Autodesk Download Manager option might not cause as many problems, but the less interference you can introduce here, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to install.


In some cases, with some products, you may not have a More Options link when looking at the download options.

This is due to size. For instance, you’ll notice when looking at AutoCAD, the platform drop-down shows Win 32/64 and the Language is set to English – meaning that when you download AutoCAD, you get all of the files for a 32 bit installation as well as a 64 bit installation and you’ll get the English language packs.


You’ll also notice the 17.8 mb size showing between the Language drop-down and the Install Now button. This obviously isn’t the size of the full AutoCAD download. It’s the size of the initial screens to start the installation. So, you’ll want to change from Win 32/64 to either Win 64 or Win 32 only.



Now, the More Options link appears. You can now choose Browser Download.

Bottom line, always choose the Browser Download (slowest) option.


When you click the Browser Download option, you’ll see the pop-up shown above.

This is important. Make sure to disable your pop-up blocker before starting the download.

Allowing Pop-Ups in Google Chrome

Allowing Pop-Ups in Microsoft Edge

Allowing Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer

Allowing Pop-Ups in Mozilla Firefox

Allowing Pop-Ups in Safari

Once you’ve unblocked pop-ups, notice the number of files that are going to be downloaded. You’ll want to take note of this, because you’ll want to make sure all of the files downloaded before proceeding.

Click the Start Download link


All of the downloads should start at once. The screenshot above is from Google Chrome, and you can see all of the downloads. Notice that there are only 6 downloads shown here, however, I was told 7 files would be downloaded.

Go to the Downloads list in your browser. Each browser is different, but with Chrome, you’ll see a link on the right of the downloads shown that says Show All Downloads… You can also open a tab and enter chrome://downloads/ to see the list.



Once all of the files have been completely downloaded, you’ll want to extract the downloads in order to get access to the installation files, you can find those instructions here:

Extracting Downloaded Autodesk Software