Setting Up an Autodesk Account (Contract Manager/Software Coordinator)

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Setting Up an Autodesk Account (Contract Manager/Software Coordinator)

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The Autodesk Account is your portal to manage your software, subscription, and licenses. It’s also where you’ll go to actually get your software.

There are three levels of access to an Autodesk Account.

  • Contract Manager
    • Typically the person who purchases the software. The Contract Manager can also be the Software Coordinator (and by default, will be the Software Coordinator). The Contract Manager is the only person (and can only be one person) who has access to the contract information.
  • Software Coordinator
    • Assigned by the Contract Manager, the Software Coordinator has access to the product downloads and user account control for purposes of Adding and Removing users and assigning permissions.
  • End User
    • End User accounts are set up by either the Contract Manager or the Software Coordinator. The End User account access will vary based on assigned permissions.

If you’ve purchased a subscription, but do not have (or are not aware of) an Autodesk Account, please contact us for assistance.

If you’ve purchased a subscription, you can sign-in to your Autodesk Account here:

Once there, you’ll want to access the Management page.


On the Management screen, the menu you’ll use is on the left side of the screen. One of the first things you’ll want to do is access the Users panel.


In the Users panel, you’ll have the ability to add users to the account.

To do so, pick the [+Add] button at the top of the list.


Enter the users email address and first and last name. If the checkbox for “I’d like to add access to the user(s) now” is checked, you’ll see the access screen upon picking Save & Continue.


In the Edit Access screen, you’ll scroll to find the product you’d like to assign to the user you’ve just added. Place a check in the Assign checkbox on the right, then pick at the bottom.


After adding the user and setting the access, you’ll see the confirmation box, as shown above.


If at any time you want to make changes to the user access, you can come back to the User list, if you click the arrow on the left, it will expand.


From here, you can quickly see what products have been assigned to the user. To make changes, click the Edit Access link in the top right to return to the Edit Access page.

When you add a user, they’ll get an email from Autodesk. It’s important that the user log in with the given password, they’ll be asked to change it upon logging in, but this will “activate” the account.


Anytime you add or remove access, the user will get an email to let them know of the change.