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Setting Up an Autodesk Account (Contract Manager/Software Coordinator)

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The Autodesk Account is your portal to manage your software, subscription, and licenses. It’s also where you’ll go to actually get your software.

There are three levels of access to an Autodesk Account.

  • Contract Manager
    • Typically the person who purchases the software. The Contract Manager can also be the Software Coordinator (and by default, will be the Software Coordinator). The Contract Manager is the only person (and can only be one person) who has access to the contract information.
  • Software Coordinator
    • Assigned by the Contract Manager, the Software Coordinator has access to the product downloads and user account control for purposes of Adding and Removing users and assigning permissions.
  • End User
    • End User accounts are set up by either the Contract Manager or the Software Coordinator. The End User account access will vary based on assigned permissions.
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