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Change an Autodesk Product from Network to Stand-Alone or Stand-Alone to Network

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To change a product which has already been installed from network to stand-alone, or stand-alone to network – you’ll modify the LGS.data file with Notepad. Ensure the product you wish to modify is closed.

To find the appropriate LGS.data file for your application, you’ll start with C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\CLM\LGS\

From there, you’ll be looking for the product version first, and then the key.

The folder names are structured so that the product key comes first, and underscore, and then the version. It will look like this:


That happens to be Autodesk Vault Professional 2019. In that folder, there is an LGS.data file. Select it, right-click on it, and pick Open With…

Select Notepad from the list of options.

Change the file. If it’s a network currently, you’ll see _NETWORK. You want that to be stand-alone? Change it to _STANDALONE

If it already says _STANDALONE and you want it to be a network license, you’ll change it _NETWORK

Save the file.

Launch the product. It should now take you through the process (network or stand-alone) for obtaining a license for your product.

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Installation on a Single Computer

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Once you’ve downloaded and extracted your installation files, the Setup wizard will appear. If for any reason it doesn’t, or if you’ve had to close it and come back to the installation at a later date, the Setup.exe file is located in the root of the extracted files for the software you’re trying to install. For insance, if you’re installing AutoCAD and have downloaded and extracted the files, you should have a folder structure similar to this one, with the Setup.exe file in the root of the AutoCAD directory.

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