Uninstalling Autodesk Products

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Uninstalling Autodesk Products

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You may need to uninstall your Autodesk product, or, a whole suite of Autodesk products.

To uninstall a single product, you’ll use the Windows Programs and Features tool inside of Windows Control Panel. Find the product you wish to remove, and then pick Uninstall/Change. You can then follow the prompts to uninstall the product.

If you wish to uninstall a suite, you can use the Autodesk Uninstall Tool. Found in your Windows Start Menu under the Autodesk folder, the Uninstall Tool is a quick and easy way to remove multiple Autodesk Products at once.


If you want to uninstall the entire suite, put a check in the box next to the name of the suite. This will check every product in the suite. You can then pick Uninstall.

If you only want to remove certain products, put a check in the box next to the product(s) you want to remove. Pick Uninstall.

Unfortunately, this does not remove all of the product information from your system. Registration and Activation information will remain. A lot of user data will remain as well.

To perform what is referred to as a Clean Uninstall, follow the steps outlined by Autodesk here.

To completely remove all Autodesk products from a machine, follow the steps outlined by Autodesk here.